MP3 BBQ Grill

If you are in a festive mood for a barbecue, then it is time to take out the grill and have it smoking in the backyard. Nothing works well barbecues better than having people and music around. You have the people and you have the food. It is time to prepare the music. Why not do both at the same time by getting this MP3 BBQ Grill on your next barbecue party?

The MP3 BBQ Grill is an ideal appliance to have if you like to combine food and music at your parties. This electric BBQ grill features a 14.6-inch hot plate with ribbed surface. It also comes with a 200 sq. inches worth of cooking area so that you can cook up a batch of delicious barbecues simultaneously. You can use it for grilling and roasting, whichever type of food you or your guests prefer for the party. A high dome lid acts as a wind shield that ensures your party area won’t be flooded with smoke and fumes.

The grill comes with a non-stick cooking plate that ensures easy cleanup. A center channel directs fat away from the food and into the large grease tray for easy disposal later. It also comes with a removable 300 degrees to 425 degrees F thermostat controlled probe to help you check those cooking meats better. But what makes this unique BBQ grill rock is the music it can bring to the party.

The MP3 BBQ grill comes with a built-in 10-watt reflective woofer and speaker to bring in the music into any barbecue party. It comes with a built-in AM/FM radio with LCD display. A universal 3.5mm jack also allows users to connect their iPod or favorite MP3 players into the MP3 BBQ Grill to play their favorite tunes. The grill comes with a 4 feet of Ac cord to plug into a power outlet. The MP3 BBQ Grill is available at Sharper Image for US$200.

Image Source: Sharper Image

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