Mountain Buggy Bagrider Suitcase Stroller

Traveling with a toddler is always a challenge. Aside from the luggage you bring with you, there also the child to always carry with you wherever you go. Airports can especially be quite a challenge and the rush inside can sometime even make going around more difficult. A conventional stroller can help make it easier sometimes. But you can consider it as another type of luggage that you need to move around with you. It can become an additional inconvenience as well. But fortunately, you can also check out more convenient alternatives, like this unique Mountain Buggy Bagrider Suitcase Stroller.

The Mountain Buggy Bagrider Suitcase Stroller basically combines a carry-on suitcase with a baby stroller. That way, family travels with a toddler need not be a headache. Parents no longer need to bring along a separate stroller during the trip. The Bagrider suitcase can be converted into a traveling seat for tired toddlers when needed. A touch of a button springs a pair of wheels as the suitcase transforms into a stroller. A cushioned seat liner can then easily be attached to complete the transformation.

The Mountain Buggy Bagrider Suitcase Stroller can carry an additional cute passenger up to 15kg or 33 lbs aside from the capacity of the luggage stored inside. Its sturdy construction makes it an ideal carry-on suitcase for making family trips that requires flights. Its 3-point safety harness ensures that the toddler remains safe and secure. The Mountain Buggy Bagrider Suitcase Stroller is available on Amazon for around $120 that also includes an additional diaper bag.

Image Source: Amazon

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