Motorola ZN5 Camera Phone

motorola zn5 camera phone

Formally known as the Motozine ZN5, the Motorola ZN5 is the only camera phone that uses Kodak technology, assuring you of excellent photo quality. This camera phone was recently released in the United States exclusively on T-Mobile.

The Motozine ZN5 partners with Kodak in providing beautiful and stunning photos through its Kodak Perfect Touch Technology, which enhances images with brighter colors and sharper details. Kodak also enables this phone to upload your images online in just a few clicks, as well as transfer them from your phone to your PC through USB, MMS, Wi-Fi, or wireless Bluetooth.

The phone also offers a lot of editing options, making the camera adjust to low light settings as well as focusing the image with breeze. The flash is made of xenon, making the camera effective under all conditions. You can also take panoramic pictures with the Motorola ZN5 just by moving the camera from left to right, and then the phone vibrates once you move it to the correct position for the next shot before snapping the image automatically.

After taking your pictures, you can also crop, resize, and rotate the images using the phone’s editing options. You can also choose from one of six color tones, produce a mirrored image, add a tag, adjust brightness and contrast, and alter the sharpness of your image. Meanwhile, Kodak technology included in the Motorola ZN5 automatically detects and reduces the instances of red eye and shadows.

The ZN5 is sleekly designed with a standard candy-bar body dotted with a full set of physical controls. Its 2.4-inch display takes up almost half of the phone’s front, all while supporting over 262,000 colors that assures you of sharp images and vibrant colors. Its easy-to-use interface is very straightforward. The keypad is spacious enough for quick dialing and texting. But beyond being a really cool camera at 5 megapixels, the Motozine ZN5 succeeds as a mobile phone through its clear call quality.

The downside, however, on the Motorola ZN5 is that the menus can be inconsistent at times. For instance, the pop-up menus are only available when using landscape mode, while a detailed submenu is only operational in portrait mode. Its video camera mode also bears no editing options, although you can select the video length.

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