Motorola to Release 10 Mobile Phones in 2009

It appears as if luck has not been good to Motorola these days.  This fledgling cell phone maker has been cutting costs quicker than you say "Razr," but Wall Street analysts have speculated that it is probably because the company has bigger plans for 2009.

Oppenheimer & Co. analyst Ittai Kidron said that Motorola appears to be preparing for its introduction of 10 – yes, 10-smartphones for the second half of 2009.  With smartphones being one of the few products that are seen as bullish for the coming years, Motorola is planning to focus on delivering smartphones that run on Google’s open source Android OS, with at least one of the new devices will be operating on Windows Mobile.

"With sentiment at an all-time low and investors’ attention lost, we believe Motorola warrants another look," noted Kidron.  The cell phone company, based in Schaumburg, Illinois, has had its plans delayed because of the company’s financial problems despite having a new leader in the person of Sanjay Jha, Motorola’s co-chief executive officer who was recruited from Qualcomm Inc.

Cell phone revenues of Motorola dropped 70 percent for the past two years.  However, analysts say that the impact of the troubles Motorola has been facing have been minimal at best in terms of the company’s overall profitability because volumes have shrunk so much.

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