Motorola to Create Next Nexus One

Motorola to develop next Nexus One

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha announced during the company’s quarterly earnings conference call that they are set to launch "at least one direct-to-consumer device with Google" by 2011, creating speculations that Motorola may have been tapped to create a smartphone that will follow Google’s much-praised Nexus One (which was manufactured by HTC).

However, it is not just this phone that Motorola would be focusing on developing, as they would also introduce 19 other smartphones within the year, at least 10 of which will run on the updated version of Motorola Motoblur social networking software.  The newer version will "offer additional security and device management functionality" that will appeal to enterprise users, according to Jha.

Jha also revealed during that conference that Motorola will be focusing more on lower-end mobile phones, which they intend to market in China, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, and the United States.

Source:  Gearlog, via Engadget

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