Motorola SURF A3100

motorola surf a3100

Motorola has just revealed the touchscreen handset Surf A3100, its latest addition to the A-series. This touch tablet runs Windows Mobile 6.1 software, which you can customize like other Windows Mobile devices. This is quite surprising since the Linux operating system has been running Motorola’s earlier A-series phones (A760 and A780). Like the Curve 8900, It is one that you need see in the flesh to fully appreciate it.

The Motorola A3100 comes with a 3.2 MP camera with autofocus, uses a Qualcomm chipset, and features a new user interface that allows you to interact with many features on its 2.8-inch display. The device also has 850/1900/2100 tri-band HSDPA 7.2Mbps 3G and quad-band GSM/EDGE. Other features include stereo Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a GPS, and support for 32GB microSD cards.

Somehow, Motorola’s A-series phones have short product lines, and and many expect the SURF A3100 to be the same. If the phone manages to surprise us by being reliable and fast, a low selling price might see SURF A3100 posing some competition to similar phones. No words about pricing as of this moment. The Motorola SURF A3100 will be sold in South America and Asia in the first quarter of this year. Motorola has not set a North American release date yet.

Image Source: Motorola

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