Motorola Sneaks in a Bunch of Headsets and Car Speakerphones

With not much fanfare, Motorola unveiled a set of speakers for the smartphone consumers at this year’s CTIA. First on the list is the Motorola Roadster, a clip-on device that can be attached inside the car’s visor for a more convenient mobile phone calls while driving. It features dual-microphone noise cancellation, a battery life of up to 20 hours, a FM transmitter, and MotoSpeak technology that reads text messages and accepts voice replies.

The Finiti BT headset, meanwhile, is engineered for the most abusive users. It has three microphones, MotoSpeak, and lets users make a conversation even with a 40-mile wind brushing through the device. Lastly, the CommandOne is, well, just your usual hands-free Bluetooth headset but with MotoSpeak

The three devices are said to be available by the coming weeks. No word about the pricing, though.

Source: Engadget

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