Motorola Q9 Smartphone

Motorola Q9

With smart phones becoming popular in the consumer market, there are many types of models now available for gadget enthusiasts to choose from. One of the latest to come out is the Motorola Q9. This sleek and attractive gadget has the power and functionality that many discerning users look for. Her are some of the features that makes this smart device worth checking out.

With the cell phone and the PDA merging into just a single gadget, the Motorola Q9 makes this combination quite something to really look forward to. This wonderful device is equipped with HSPDA that allows faster download speeds than other gadgets of its class. With a flick of a button, the Motorola Q9 allows users to quickly connect to the on line world and send emails without going through complex menus to work over. Quick on line connection also allows for faster Internet browsing, file downloading as well as video streaming.

As a phone, the Motorola Q9 has Quad Band functionality and allows MMS and SMS communication aside from calls. It comes with an integrated EMU and Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity features to allow for faster transfers and data access. The Motorola Q9 can also support several file formats including H.263, MPEG4, WMV, H.264 decode. It can hold up to 2 GB of removable storage space in its microSD expansion slot. It also contains several applications worthy of the newest PDA’s around stacked up inside its elegant and stylish ultra-thin design.

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