Motorola MOTO W7 Active Edition

MOTO W7 Active Edition

Motorola has announced that they are introducing a new addition to their MOTO smartphone line. The MOTO W7 Active Edition is promoted as a motion-enabled 3G1 mobile device that features an accelerometer. Now your MOTO phone can now detect your body’s movements, orientation, and hand gestures.

For instance, you can try flipping the phone to over to silence the ringer of an incoming call, snooze the phone’s alarm clock, or even pause the music. Shake the phone twice and you are right into your favorite applications. You can even flick the phone right or left when moving between songs and images when you decided to show off your music library or photo gallery. The phone’s pre-loaded games also lets your body shake, jump, and dance.

The MOTO W7 Active Edition is intended for people who are on to go. It contains a built-in pedometer that counts and records your daily walks and runs. A Personal Trainer application lets you create a personal profile and help you set weight loss goals and create workout profiles. It also has a MP3 player, FM radio, two cameras (one for still images, the other for video calls), and an 8GB optional extra memory. It is set to be available beginning in the second quarter of 2009 in Asia and Latin America. It will be available in two colors: licorice and alpine white.

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