Motorola i1 PTT Smartphone

Push To Talk or PTT phones has been around for several years now. They provide a good alternative to the usual means of calling friends and colleagues. But then there seems to be a lack of such PTT smart phones in the market, that is, until the Motorola i1 smart phone.

The Motorola i1 seems to be the the only smart phone in the market today that offers a PTT function. Its features includes a 5MP digital camera, iDEN 800/900 MHz PTT function, and a touch tablet. It also supports Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity and runs on the Android 1.5 platform. It is also ruggedly built according Military Specification 810F standards. The Motorola i1 is coming to Sprint on July 25 and may be priced at US$150.

Image Source: Motorola

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