Motion Sensing Personal Heater

As the season becomes colder and colder, heating the home or the office becomes an essential task. Some people might prefer to heat only those rooms or areas where heating is needed in order to save energy costs. This usually requires portable heaters that can be transported or transferred from room to room where it is needed. One interesting device of the similar kind is the Motion Sensing Personal Heater.

The Motion Sensing Personal Heater comes with 400-watt to 800-watt setting that can help heat up the immediate area while using less power. But what makes it even a better heater is that it also comes with a motion sensor that automatically turns off the unit when it does not detect any movement. This helps conserve energy, especially when it is easy to forget turning off the heater when one goes out. The Motion Sensing Personal Heater is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for US$50.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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