Motion J3400 Tablet PC

Motion J3400 Tablet PC

Many computing devices have since gone through a number of innovations in order to capture a certain market niche. Motion Computing is trying to make such a move with its unique J3400 Tablet PC. It may be just the type of computing device that people on the go would prefer to work on eventually.

The Motion J3400 Tablet PC is essentially a portable all-in-one PC that may offer a different take on portable computing. As a tablet PC, the Motion J3400 offers features fitting today’s tablet PC’s and more. It is equipped with an outdoor visible 12.1 inch LCD display screen with an active digitizer. Its design is rugged enough to withstand some of the pressures of outdoor use. Its rubberized coating helps improve its shock dampening properties.

The Motion J3400 Tablet PC is equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo 2 processor for optimum mobile computing performance and 2GB worth of RAM. It also features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. It is also equipped with swappable dual battery features to allow a full day’s performance on the field without the need for recharging. This unit can be integrated with a 2.0 mega-pixel digital camera as well as a smart card reader if needed without ever adding bulk to the unit. The Motion J3400 Tablet PC is also customizable for use either in the field or even inside the office. Costing around US$2,300, the Motion J3400 Tablet PC may find a ready market for industries that require its excellent computing power and portability while in the field.

Image Source: Motion Computing

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