Mosquito Repelling Flameless Torches

Mosquito Repelling Flameless TorchesWith the summer season fast approaching, expect to be staying outdoors more often than before. There is no better experience than enjoying the outdoors and the sun during the summer. It is a brief reprieve from the cold and the need to stay indoors because of the weather. Enjoy summer while you can. But you also need to prepare for such contingencies like the increase of mosquito bites while you are out there. If you plan to be staying out a lot more in your backyard into the early hours of the summer evening, make sure that you have these Mosquito Repelling Flameless Torches handy.

The Mosquito Repelling Flameless Torches are flameless, torches that you can install in your patio or backyard area to light it up during the beautiful summer evening. But they do more than just providing soft lighting. The Mosquito Repelling Flameless Torches also releases invisible insecticide to keep mosquitoes at bay. It uses a naturally occurring insecticide found in chrysanthemum to combat those pesky insects. A flameless butane-fueled heater vaporizes the insect repellent to provide a 15′ by 15′ protected area where mosquitoes and other insects dare not venture into. The Mosquito Repelling Flameless Torches help eliminate having to apply topical mosquito and insect repellents directly into your skin or clothing. The torch comes with four LED bulbs that cast light in a gentle amber glow for up to 40 hours in its brightest settings.

The Mosquito Repelling Flameless Torches comes in a set that includes two torches along with 12 ThermaCELL insect repellent pads and four butane cartridges. The butane cartridges can last for up to 12 hours of continuous use. Each mosquito repellent pad can work for up to four hours. The torch itself will require four D batteries to light up. The Mosquito Repelling Flameless Torches set is available at Hammacher Schlemmer

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