Moov fitness tracker also works as personal trainer

Moov fitness tracker

Moov fitness tracker

If you think all fitness bands do the same thing tracking your steps, your sleep hours, and burned calories, you may not have heard about Moov. This fitness device not only monitors your movement, but also tells you what to improve on.

The watch-like, screen-less Moov contains 3D motion sensors that read your every move. Pair it with your Apple mobile device and this fitness tracker also provides real-time coaching via artificial intelligence and game mechanics.

Using your smartphone or tablet, the Moov tracks virtually any type of exercise you do, whether it is yoga, boxing, golf, and even swimmming (since it’s waterproof). It tells you what you are doing correctly, as well as what skills you need to improve on and how to fix it. The device can also learn new exercises and activities, which you can customize.

Moov iPad app

The Moov iPad app also lets you compare your cardio boxing workout against an ideal input. This “coach” offers form tips and encouragement as you perfect your straights and upper-cuts. However, the app can only track what you do on your upper body… for now. The app also pits your workout against other users and earn awards.

The Moov fitness tracker is now available for pre-order at $59.95, which is 50% off expected retail price. Order two or more and you could get it for $49.95 each. (You would need two for certain activities like cardio boxing.) It only works with iOS devices for now.

Source: USA Today

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