Monster Beats Solo Headphones

Beats Solo Headphones

Great sound comes from excellent audio equipment. And in the case of headphones, the sound quality most of the time may not be near as to what most audiophiles usually expect. It takes a type of headphones with that special quality to capture that detailed and rich, full sound that serious artists usually want to hear.

It takes an artist to know how rich, full and detailed sounds should be heard even on somewhat portable equipment such as a headphone. That is why a company like Monster teamed up with accomplished rap artist and producer Dr. Dre to come up with its Beats Solo headphones.

The Beats Solo headphones offer amazing sound ever to be produced by a portable and lightweight pair of headphones. The technology behind the Beat Solo allows users to hear the sonic details that artists and sound engineers are able to conjure up in the studios from the deep bass, high frequencies to the midrange sounds.

The Beats Solo headphones also features on-cable controls for easier and more convenient music and sound control. It also has a built-in mic along with sound isolating headphones to allow you better hands free calling features. The Beat Solo is available at Amazon for US$180.

Image Source: Beats by Dre

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