Monolith Plus iPhone Micro Projector

Monolith PlusBusiness meetings usually involve looking at presentations on a projector screen. But there are certain instances when you have to make a presentation before your bosses only to experience the unthinkable- the main projector doesn’t work. No matter how many times you try to fix it, it goes bad on you. Although it is not your fault, you are the focal point of this uncomfortable situation for a certain moment, until the meeting moves on to other subjects. If you want to prepare for such exigencies, you can bring along the Monolith Plus iPhone Micro Projector as a handy alternative.

The Monolith Plus iPhone Micro Projector is a new version of the popular Monolith Projector for the iPhone 4. It comes with a cover-style design that fits right into your iPhone 4/4S. Its design makes it look more compact and easier to carry around with your iPhone. You would mistake it for a protective casing until you see it working. The Monolith Plus can provide a 640 x 480px resolution at 35 lumens of brightness for up to 60 inches in projection size. It provides three types of projection modes depending on whether you will be presenting a film, documents or if you want to save up power for the long haul. The Monolith Plus provides up to two hours of projection time on a full charge. Users can even use it to charge their phones on emergencies. The Monolith Plus iPhone Micro Projector is an ideal tool for a busy business executive. It is available at Japan Trend Shop for US$217.

Image Source: Japan Trend Shop

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