Monolith Electric Skateboard

Monolith Electric SkateboardPeople nowadays have different modes of transport to choose from. Some are ideal for long distance travel. There are also others designed for short distance trips. Some people prefer energy efficiency over power and vice versa. There are also others that prefer transport that runs on clean energy over fossil fuel. And then, there are others that prefer a mode of transport for its cool factor. It may be safe to say that this is the category for the interesting Monolith Electric Skateboard.

The Monolith Electric Skateboard may seem like just any other ordinary electric skateboard. After all, electric skateboards have been around for years now. The only difference is the technology that comes with the new Monolith skateboards. It is said to be the first skateboard in the world to come with in-wheel motors.

From the outside, you will think of the Monolith as just an ordinary-looking skateboard. You will not notice any motors or attachments to it. But it is streamlined to keep all its features inside the wheels and within the board itself. The motors, for one are hidden inside the wheels via the innovative Manta Drive In-Wheel Direct Drive Technology. This powered skateboard can reach a top speed of 24 mph. It also features a Regenerative Braking system, where the energy created when braking recharges the on-board batteries. The batteries themselves provide the skateboard with enough power to travel a range of 10 miles.

The streamlined design of the Monolith Electric Skateboard is also possible because its controls are made through a sleek RFLX remote that connects to the skateboard via Bluetooth. Other controls and performance data is made available through the Inboard Vision mobile app. Users can even lock down their Monolith via the app dashboard. The Monolith Electric Skateboard is currently undergoing a crowd funding campaign at Kickstarter. While all the other attractive deals for early adopters are already filled up, those interested can still have a Monolith Skateboard when they contribute $1,199 to their Kickstarter fund. It is still a good deal since the retail value for the electric skateboard is expected to be around $1,399. Shipping of the first Monolith Electric Skateboards is expected at around September of this year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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