Monitor Buying Guide

The monitor is an important part of your PC. It usually won’t be a good experience having a powerful CPU working for you connected to a poor quality monitor. Whenever you choose to buy a new monitor, you should be considering not only its design appeal but also in actual performance in terms of giving you what you want. A clearer picture is what you would usually want from a new monitor and here are some tips to help you incase you need to buy a new one.

When you go out shopping for a new monitor, it is important that you try them out first before you buy them. This is where going to a computer store yourself might be better than buying your monitor online. You may be able to check out the performance of new monitors in stores to check out picture quality, design as well as other notable features. Try to also check out the different adjustments of the new monitor you are checking to see if they can provide you with ideal tweaks that you might need under different conditions.

Another important thing to check out when buying a new monitor is the screen size. Try to determine what the ideal screen size for your monitor is. The way it is measured may be different for different monitor models. An LCD monitor usually has a viewable area that is an inch or two larger than a regular CRT model.

A wide screen monitor is comparable to a regular format monitor that is a couple of inches smaller in terms of viewable area. If you are replacing your old CRT monitor with an LCD model, you would now know that you don’t need to get a bigger LCD monitor in terms of viewable area if you are already content with your old one.

In buying a new monitor, you should also consider if you might want one with speakers already installed. There are newer models of monitors that have built-in speakers but may cost more. It can be a space saving option if you wish to buy a monitor with built-in speakers. But this will only be good also if you are not that particular with sound quality. But in case you are, you might be better off getting a regular monitor and look for a separate sound system to provide you with better quality sound.

Design might also be an important issue sometimes when buying monitors. Some monitors are designed to save valuable table space while some are designed to provide some look of elegance and style. Be sure that you have an idea of why you are buying a new monitor in the first place in order to better assess if design might be a big matter in your eventual choice.

When buying a new monitor, bear in mind that you should avoid throwing your old one if you wish not to use it anymore. Old monitors contain toxic substances that might be harmful to the environment as well as humans if you throw them in the dump.

If your old monitor is still in working condition, it would be wiser if you try to donate it to a charity that distributes old and unused monitors to poorer regions of the world that might have a need for it. You might even trade it in for a new one in cases where such a service is available in your area. If you really need to dispose of it, you can properly get rid of your old monitor by contacting recyclers in your area who specialize in disposing such items safely.

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