Moneual MiNEW A10 Coated with Hello Kitty Goodness

Moneual MiNEW A10 with Hello Kitty embellishments

Korean gadget maker Moneual may not be a household name outside the Land of the Morning Calm, but this latest nettop may sure turn some heads.  Their MiNEW A10 now comes with Hello Kitty embellishments, eliciting squeals from girls aged 5 to 55 all over.  Like other MiNEW A10 that surfaced before, this pink delight runs on Atom CPU with 1GB of RAM, GMA950, and 160GB SATA hard disk.  But before you say, "I knew I shouldn’t have bought my MiNEW A10 yet," prior owners of the nettop can still "upgrade" their boring nettop cover into Hello Kitty goodness for only 150,000 won (US$123).  Meanwhile, a brand new unit costs about 540,000 won ($443).

(Note that the keyboard, mouse, and monitor are not included.)

Image source:  Moneual

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