Moneual 701 Jewelry Computer

701 Jewelry

Korean manufacturer Moneual has recently released perhaps the most blinged out desktop computer yet.

The 701 Jewelry’s buttons and edges and screen frame are lavishly covered in 3,554 Swarovski crystals. Its casing is extravagantly plated with gold and brass – which means it weighs as much as a tiny person (35 kg).

Like the previous Moneual 701 model, the 701 Jewelry was also given the odd, bulky cylindrical shape. Maybe they were going for futuristic. The old Moneual 701 certainly did, to some extent. But due to the Jewelry’s golden color, the Moneual 701’s "innovative cylindrical design, and completely stand-alone system" looked rather garish. You may also have to redecorate your place or at least order a custom-made computer table to house this ostentatious device.

With all the emphasis on form, Monuela, also gave some consideration to substance. The 701 Jewelry comes equipped with the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processor and an ATI Radeon HD 400 GPU which is good enough for you to simultaneously run a few programs or play some fairly demanding games without lag. Its other features include a a 500 gigabyte harddrive, internal speakers, a remote control, DVD-R, multimedia card reader, a wireless keyboard and mouse.

My only quarrel with the 701 Jewelry is the 7-inch touchscreen. Yes its touchscreen, but its seven inches. By super high-tech pc standards, that’s just too small a display to work on. Maybe a bigger screen meant additional Swarovski crystals which would have added to this computer’s already staggering price tag of $30,000.

Image source: geekiegadgets

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