Mondo LED Torch Light

There are gadget designs that stand out. There are some do not seem to complement the very function of the device. And then there are others that not only complement their function but also add in other features. You can say that design can make some gadgets become either flexible or versatile in terms of functions. The Mondo LED Torch Light is one example.

Design is not just for visual effect. It should also help in making a device more useful. In the case of the Mondo LED Torch Light, design plays a role in making it more than just a simple LED flashlight. The Mondo LED Torch Light is also designed to be an ideal night light.

The Mondo LED Torch Light is designed like a cone with the larger end cut on four corners to create a square. A LED bulb is then fixed on it to make it into a flashlight. The cut allow light to spill on the sides. This way when you make it stand with the LED bulb facing down, light still diffuses on the sides. This is what users need to do make it into a night light. This unique flashlight comes with a unique design that is quite functional at the same time. The colors also help in making it quite appealing. The Mondo LED Torch Light is available at Japan Trend Store for US$44.

Image Source: Japan Trend Store

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