Mommy I'm Here Kid's Tracking Device

Parents always have that worry of losing their kids in a crowd when going out. Just a simple glance the other way can be enough to get some kids to run somewhere and get lost along the way. This dreadful experience is something that most parents try to avoid. It is a good thing that there are devices such as this “Mommy I’m Here” Kid’s Tracking Device to help give parents some peace of mind when going out with a small kid in tow.

The “Mommy I’m Here” Kid’s Tracking Device is an audible child locator that will allow mothers to find their kids in case they wander away. This device is composed of a clip on bear receiver that can easily be attached to kid’s clothing and a pocket sized transmitter carried by the mother or parent. The transmitter can alert the parent in case the bear receiver worn by the kid gets beyond 25 feet of each other. An audible 90 decibel sound from the transmitter will alert the parent immediately.

A button can also be pushed from the transmitter that will enable the bear receiver to beep loudly to make a parent aware of a child’s location nearby. Both devices can stay connected within a range of 150 feet. This simple but highly valuable “Mommy I’m Here” Kid’s Tracking Device for parents with kids is available at ThinkGeek for US$40.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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