The MoMA Perpetual Calendar

MoMA Perpetual CalendarThe year 2015 is just several weeks away. As we are about to say goodbye to 2014 and usher in the new year, people start organizing their time tables. They try to change and update their calendars to 2015. It is always this time of the year that people start appreciating the usefulness of calendars as a way of keeping track of the days and the weeks. Aside from the calendars we have in our phones, computers and other devices, having a physical calendar that we can glance at now and again is still essential. Why not make it more stylish every time to look at a date by using the MoMA Perpetual Calendar.

The MoMA Perpetual Calendar is a stylish and unique way to keep track of dates. Designed by Gideon Dragan for the Museum of Modern Art, the MoMA Perpetual Calendar is quite unique in that in requires some bit of interaction setting the dates. This way, you are more likely to remember what day and month it is every time they set the MoMA Perpetual Calendar. The year is not defined, making this calendar applicable for any year. You do not need to worry about replacing it as the new year comes along.

What makes the MoMA Perpetual Calendar interesting is its striking design. It is composed of spheres held in place by magnets that mark the day and the month indicated on a bar held by a large circle. This calendar can either stand up on a desk or can be mounted on a wall. The uniqueness of the MoMA Perpetual Calendar makes it an interesting device to help you keep track of your day. It is available at Amazon for $40.

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