Moky Invisible Touchpad Keyboard

Moky Invisible Touchpad KeyboardWith the popularity of portable personal gadgets nowadays, people are increasingly dependent on mobile computing. Now that people bring along their gadgets with them anywhere, there is a certain level of convenience they still yearn for. For example, tablets are now being used in different ways that require the use of a wireless portable keyboard and mouse. But bringing along the peripherals all the time can be a hassle. If there is a way to streamline them, people will surely welcome the idea, just so they have less gadgets to carry with them. A novel concept to help alleviate this problem is one offered by the Moky Invisible Touchpad Keyboard.

The Moky Invisible Touchpad Keyboard is a more convenient alternative for people in need of a portable keyboard and mouse on a daily basis. But Moky does away with the mouse and instead functions as an invisible touchpad as well. The whole keyboard not only functions as a typing tool, users can also use the surface as a convenient touchpad. There is no need for people to bring a separate touchpad or mouse along with a keyboard. The Moky offers the same features in a more convenient way. With just a push of a button users can alternate between typing and using the keyboard as an invisible touchpad. This is made possible by thin and safe IR laser sensors built into the keyboard that creates the invisible touchpad over the keyboard surface. This helps do away with using a separate mouse or touchpad to navigate the display.

The Moky supports Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, taking advantage of the low energy consumption and longer battery life. The Moky Invisible Touchpad Keyboard has gone through a successful crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. You can still be a part and pledge $74 in order to get one Moky. Estimated delivery of the new Moky Invisible Touchpad Keyboard is slated on October of this year.
Image Source: Indiegogo

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