Mojo Mobility Develops Wireless Charger

mojo mobility non contact near field power wireless charger

Silicon Valley-based Mojo Mobility Inc. is a Startup Venture focused on developing new technologies for mobile solutions.  One of their inventions is the Near Field Power technology.  NFP (Near Field Power) is a way to transmit electrical power between two devices wirelessly.    This kind of technology is very useful for charging mobile devices.

The NFP system of Mojo Mobility comes into two modules, one for transmission and one for reception.  The two modules are able to transmit power by simple electromagnetic induction.  Electromagnetic induction is simply the generation of an electric current by moving a magnet through a coil of wire (and vice versa).  The trick for Mojo Mobility then is to fit that electromagnetic technology into the ever-shrinking mobile devices on the market today. 

So, with the NFP system already shrunk down to fit mobile devices, Mojo Mobility is now seeking collaboration projects with mobile device manufacturers. The company has already prototyped a sheet type charging station (includes the NFP transmitter) and some mobile devices equipped with the receiving module of the NFP system. The charging sheet produces 2.5W to 4W of power, ideal for mobile devices such as mobile phones and digital media players.

"Today, each family owns a number of mobile devices, and rooms are a mess of charger cables," said Afshin Partovi, CEO of Mojo Mobility. "Using our technology, charger cables of multiple devices can be replaced with one single sheet."

Moreover, Mojo Mobility is also seeking collaboration with semiconductor manufacturers to build a single control chip for the NFP modules to replace the peripheral circuit on their prototype.  This will shrink the NFP system even further. 

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