Mogees turns any object into musical instruments



If you find yourself tapping on your office desk while working or on your steering wheel as you wait for the green light, adding an element of musicality can turn these simple activities into melodic moments.

Bruno Zamborlin, a computer music research based in London, has invented a gadget that could make any object play sweet music. Mogees (pronounced as MOW-JEES, short for “Mosaicing Gestural Surface”) is a stethoscope-like device that connects to your mobile device via headphone jack. Attach the Mogee onto any everyday object and tap on its surface to create music.

The device works using a small, specialized sensor called “piezo-tranduer” that converts vibrations made by tapping any object into an electric signal, which is then sento to the mobile device that runs on Mogeess app, available on both iOS and Android.


Those who do not wish to disturb the neighbors can plug the headphone to Mogee’s headphone splitter and enjoy the music by their lonesome. They can also switch between the free mode, which allows users to change scales and keys, and song mode, wherein users tap along with their favorite tunes.

Zamborlin tested the Mogee to several young costumers. “Kids really learned concepts about vibrations and acoustic properties of materials in a brand new, interactive, and natural way,” Zamborlin said in an interview with Mashable. “Mogee is not just an instrument for musicians–it’s a tool for music discovery that everyone should have fun in using.”

A Kickstarter campaign for Mogee is currently underway, and has so far raised over £46,000 of its £50,000 funding goal with 15 days remaining.

Source: Mashable

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