Modobag, The First Motorized Luggage You Can Ride On

motorized travel luggage

motorized travel luggageTraveling is an exciting thing, except when you are waiting for your flight at the airport. Airport transfers are even worse, at times when you have to get from one departure lounge to another to get to a connecting flight. Most of the time, you end up running just to get right on time for boarding. It can even be quite unfortunate if you miss out on your connecting flight, get it rebooked and wait for the next booked flight again. If you wish to avoid all the running to catch up on connecting flights the next time you travel, having the Modobag to bring along for the ride. Or better yet, you can let it bring you along for a ride to your boarding gate.

The Modobag is a unique travel luggage that does more for you than just store your traveling essentials. It also works as an efficient motorized personal transport. It comes with a built-in 150-watt electric motor that has an indoor speed of 5mph and even go up to 8mph outdoors. A thumb-action throttle and a steering column that makes it easy to control and manuever. With a range of eight miles for a full charge, it provides more than enough distance to get you where you need to go inside airports without having to walk or run all the way through. Whenever you feel tired, you can also get on board your Modobag to get you to where you need to go. If you’re rushing to get to your boarding gate in a few minutes, your Modobag will help you get there faster.

The Modobag can accommodate a rider of up to 260 pounds in weight. High-performance urethane wheels and sealed bearings make sure that this motorized traveling bag can take the load as it moves. Its high performance lithium battery pack can reach 80 percent charging capacity in just 15 minutes and can be fully charged in less than an hour.

More than that, the Modobag is also equipped with dual USB ports to charge your portable devices on the go. And even when you find yourself in a packed boarding area, you always have a convenient padded seat available. The Modobag makes your trips more convenient in so many ways.  The Modobag is currently undergoing a successful crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. You can be one of the first to get one of the first Modobag models for $995. It will retail for way more than that if you get it after the first ones are delivered by January of next year.

Image Source: Indiegogo

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