Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball

Mocoro Robot Cleaning BallCleaning a home is always a chore. Cleaning the floors daily can take time. But it is necessary to always have a clean home. Technology can help make these chores convenient. Getting robot vacuums to do the job for example help take the task off your hands. But then there are times when you only need to take care of the forming dust bunnies on the floor that some robot vacuums cannot effectively get rid of. You may need to do some mopping instead. Even that task can also be off your hands now, if you have the Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball around.

The Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball is another playful robot you can have at home to help you with the cleaning chores. Instead of a robot vacuum gliding through every square inch of the floor, the Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball rolls through it instead. This ball robot is covered by a removable pink microfiber coat that attracts the dust on the floor and clings to it. You can just let the Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball roam around your floor and it will try to keep it free from accumulating dust. It also has the ability to change direction whenever it faces an obstacle. In order to conserve its energy roaming around the floor, users can also set it to stop after 15 minutes of cleaning. And when the cleaning is done, users can remove the microfiber coat and machine-wash it. Aside from cleaning duties, the Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball may also make a good companion for a playful cat. This unique robot-cleaning ball is available at Firebox for 25 UK Pounds or around $37.

Image Source: Firebox

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