MobiWire S Phone, The Secure Smartphone

Business people usually take great care about protecting company information. Getting such information in the wrong hands can prove quite disastrous. Mobile communications used today may not offer the required level of security that most business people would wish for. It is for this reason that MobiWire may have developed the S Phone, a smartphone that has security features not currently available in most mobile phones.

The MobiWire S Phone was developed in partnership with secure communications firm ERCOM to provide business professionals with a smartphone able to provide a more secure voice and data communication. The new security smartphone features a Cryptosmart embedded security engine developed by ERCOM using MobiWire’s Core UX User Interface software. Internal security for this secure smartphone can make it quite difficult for data stored on the smartphone to be tampered with.

The MobiWire S Phone also comes with a Cryptosmart microSD Card, a Cryptosmart CardManager for PC and a Cryptosmart Gateway hosted behind a corporate firewall. This highly secure smartphone is targeted for business professionals who take data security quite seriously in and out of the office. Since the S Phone has just been introduced recently, there’s no word yet from MobiWire when it will be available or how much it will cost to own this tamper proof secure smartphone.

Image Source: MobiWire

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