Mobinnova Beam Smartbook

Mobinnova Beam Ultraportable Smartbook

People may find the Mobinnova Beam ultraportable different from other minimalist computers around.  For one, it runs on Windows CE, which is understandable because it’s an ultraportable.  But check this:  HD video playback.  Seriously?  Looks like we have to wait for the hands-on reviews at CES 2010 to find that out!

In the meantime, here’s a rundown about this upcoming compact smartbook.  Formerly referred to as "élan," the Mobinnova Beam contains NVIDIA Tegra chipset, which makes viewing HD videos possible.  The manufacturer claims that it has a battery life of five to ten hours while playing HD video, or up to 24 hours if it left alone playing an iTunes playlist continuously.

The Beam is said to become available with a carrier subsidy, but the company is mum about which US network it is.  There is also a confirmation that this smartbook will not come with its own app store, although they can become available as downloads.

Image source:  Mobinnova

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