MobileCrunch: BlackBerry is Over and Done!

John Biggs of MobileCrunch has written an doomsday article about how BlackBerry‘s days are numbered and will go the way of other mobile platforms that were bought by a bigger company, exist independently for a while, and then get subsumed. The author has listed a number of reasons why it’s over and done for BlackBerry.

“BlackBerries aren’t status symbols,” proclaims Biggs. “They’re the real-world equivalent of the thick, heavy IT-department-assigned business laptop. They’re staid, boring, and unwanted but people are used to them… but that’s about it.”

It won’t be too long, according to him, that people who are originally into BB would begin to support “more popular devices” such as iOS and Android phones. For Biggs, competitors of BB have become stronger and faster that its manufacturer, Research In Motion, has a hard time keeping up. He even includes BlackBerry’s tablet, the PlayBook, as part of its demise because the tablet lacked native e-mail, a feature that is expected on almost every BB device.

Wrapping up, the author describes RIM as a “slave to its own success.”

“They can’t sell anything other than a keyboard-candybar phone in an era where the keyboard is increasingly irrelevant or hidden away until needed… It’s over and now we’re just waiting for the buy-out and inevitable disappearance of one of the greatest mobile companies in modern memory.”

What do you think about BlackBerry’s future? Do you think it is too soon to declare its downfall?

Source: MobileCrunch

Image Source: Pocket-Lint.Com

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