Mobile Phone is Powered by Coca-Cola

Nokia Green Phone by Daizi Zheng

Chinese designer Daizi Zheng has come up with a mobile phone design for Nokia that aims to reduce the use of batteries.  She develops a cylindrically-shaped cell phone that powers up by simply pouring a can of Coca-Cola into it.

In an environmental aspect, phone batteries (like any other battery in existence) contain chemicals that could destroy the ecosystem if disposed poorly.  In addition, traditional batteries are expensive (as compared to a can of soda) and consume a lot of resources on manufacturing.  This is why having bio batteries, or any other natural power sources, have become the buzzword among manufacturers and consumers.

The gadget works by generating electricity from carbohydrates gathered from the soda’s sugar content and utilizing enzymes as the catalyst.  A single can of Coca-Cola would be able to generate water and oxygen needed to power the mobile phone until it dies out.  Battery time using a bio battery could last between three to four times more than a single charge of conventional lithium battery.

We are unsure if other soda brands would work, as each has a different sugar level, but this is an interesting design.  We hope this gets developed for widespread distribution in the coming months.

Image source:  Daizi Zheng

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