Mobile Phone Buying Guide

With the fast-paced life, the use of mobile phones are needed more than before whether you are a businessman, a savvy artist, or a receptionist. And with hundreds of mobile phone models available in the market at any given time, buying one can be chaotic.

If you are still confused on what mobile phone to buy, here are some helpful tips.

Know what you want – Each phone model has a paticular market that caters to. Smartphones, for instance, are created for business users as they make good tool for e-mail, Web surfing, and business data. If you are a music fanatic, you may want to purchase a mobile phone that doubles as a music player with a bigger memory and cooler exterior.

Know what you don’t want – Not all features incorporated in mobile phones are interesting for some people. For example, business people tend to worry about distributing camera phones to their employees as it can be used to capture trade secrets.

Know what technology is using – Your phone’s performance will depend largely on the technology it uses to connect. There are two leading examples: GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access). The former uses data cards called SIM cards that stores information about the user’s account, which makes it easier to upgrade to a new phone.

Meanwhile, the latter utilizes handsets that are hard-coded with a unique ID number (in other words, no SIM card), making it more difficult to upgrade. However, its data rates go to as much as 3.1 megabytes per second (way way wayfaster than GSM).

Know what carrier to subscribe – Choosing the right cellular carrier is critical to ensure quality connectivity for your business or youre recreational use. Check if the carrier offers services that would suit you, such as international roaming, 3G technology, multi-media messaging, among others.

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