MobiBLU DAH-1500i Cube MP3 Player

MobiBLU DAH-1500i cube MP3 Player

One of the lesser known portable audio companies, mobiBLU has created the smallest MP3 players in the world. The ultratiny, cube-shaped mobiBLU DAH-1500i is proof of this. Measuring under one cubic inch and weighing only 18 grams, this tiny cubic MP3 player is truly a technological wonder. The cute design of the mobiBLU DAH-1500i caters to the wearablilty aspect of portable music players.

Not to be mislead by its small appearance, the mobiBLU DAH-1500i is big on features. The 1500i version has 1GB of flash memory for storing your music collection and other digital files. It supports both MP3 and WMA formats. It also has an FM tuner with presets and a voice recorder. There are also nine sound-adjustments settings available for your listening pleasure. It is both Windows and Mac compatible, with plug and play capabilities.

Despite its tiny size, the mobiBLU DAH-1500i manages to have a functional control pad which features a four-way rocker surrounding a play/pause/power button. But with its small size, comparable to eight sugar cubes stacked together, the control pad may pose a problem especially to those who have large fingers. Navigating the player’s options may be relatively hard with the stiff buttons.

At the opposite side of the control pad is a 19mm OLED, which displays large, bright blue text on a black background. Due to the small screen, track names continually scroll making the songs sometimes hard to read. This difficulty is to be expected, as the mobiBLU DAH-1500i is really small that it can be easily concealed when held in a closed fist.

There is also a menu key and a hold button at the phase of the "dice" next to the screen. On top of the cube is the headphone jack and lanyard loop. The device makes use of a patented USB cable that plugs into the headphones jack both for transferring files and charging its Li-Ion battery.

The mobiBLU DAH-1500i also comes with a minimalist protective case along with the headphones. The case, made of clear rubber, is wrapped along the edges and around the corners of the cube to protect it from nicks and scratches while maintaining its stylish design. And with six colors to choose from, the cubic style of the mobiBLU DAH-1500i is really a head-turner. Being the world’s smallest music player, it has a pretty decent performance and is highly recommendable to tech-savvy users who can’t get enough of slick and tiny devices.

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