MMS Now Available on iPhone

iPhone MMS

This is so long overdue.  While everybody goes gaga over the iPhone when it was first introduced a few years ago, Apple seem to have overlooked one feature that other handsets around the world have:  The iPhone does not have MMS.

Multimedia messaging service, or MMS, is a feature that enables you to send messages that include multimedia files such as images, audio, video, and rich text.  Because it is an extension of the standard SMS, MMS allows you to send longer messages as well as exchange content like photos and even ringtones to friends and family.

Several months ago, iPhone took a tad late step into mobile advancement when its latest models can read and send MMS.  The problem is that this feature is not available in the United States while the rest of the world, as expected, finally enjoyed this much-delayed service.  But starting today, AT&T, iPhone’s exclusive service network in the US, has enabled MMS to all of its subscribers.  Simply plug in the iPhone 3G or 3GS into iTunes, run several updates (including upgrading the OS if needed), and restart the phone.  Once turned on, verify if the handset can send MMS by typing a new text message.  Notice that there is a camera icon to the left of the text field.

Still, it does not dismiss the fact that it took years for Apple to realize that sordid miss.

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