Miyoshi Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad

Miyoshi wireless keyboard with touchpad

The realm of wireless keyboards is still on the launch pad stage.  Although many consumers have not really taken interest with them, these keyboards are interesting enough to catch their curiosity and pay attention.

The latest wireless keyboard unveiled to the market is the TP-24G01 by Miyoshi.  It has all the basic stuff you can find in a conventional keyboard, but an added touchpad integrated into it, much like what you see on laptops.  It connects to your PC through an USB receiver and a full 2.4 GHz wireless capability.  With the integrated touchpad, this keyboard eliminates the need of having a mouse with you, giving your computer more free ports for your other nifty hardware.

The Miyoshi TP-24G01 wireless keyboard also includes media-specific keys and a larger ENTER key (making it more convenient to type in Japanese).  The manufacturer boasts that each of its keys can withstand up to 10 million keystrokes.

The Miyoshi wireless keyboard is now available in Japan for about $100.

Image source: MCO.co.jp

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