MIU Hybrid Dual Portable Computer

hybrid dual portable

The Hybrid Dual Portable Computer or HDPC is the latest device of its kind that will be out in the markets soon. If anyone wonders what an HDPC is, they may be surprised to know that it is a combination of the portable and heavy-duty Ultra-Mobile Portable Computers and the technologically efficient and innovative smartphones.

The brains and the creator behind this super heck of a godly device is a company named MIU or Mobile Intelligent Ubiquitous. Maybe they have already known it since they created this gadget, but to those who aren’t, they just put power into every gizmo geek’s hands.

The HDPC uses Windows XP as its operating system. This gives it every capability to launch all Windows applications. Though this may not have wireless capabilities like the Bluetooth 2.0 or the WiFi, it has a VGA camera for video chatting and a 3-megapixel camera, for taking pictures. In addition, it has a Digital TV receiver that is fully compatible with the DVB-T or Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial. Lastly, under the HDPC’s screen is a QWERTY keyboard.

What makes this gadget tick despite its bulkiness is that there are no limitations when it comes to video and audio formats because the user does not have to convert audio and video files if they have to play them on the HDPC. Convenience plays a part in browsing the internet, doing text messages or using IM applications. Thanks to its QWERTY keyboard.

Weighing at around 387 grams and having a volume size of 160 x 65 x 25 millimeters, this gizmo whose nickname may be the same as innovation may fetch around $500. If you are expecting its release into the market, might as well expect its eventual success as well.

Image source: miubit.com

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