Mitsubishi Laservue, First Laser-Powered TV

Introducing the Mitsubishi Laservue Laser TV, the world's first laser HDTV.  This laser television is able to project lasers with deeper colors and depth compared to the best HDTV available.

Mitsubishi made use of their renowned laser technology, which they are actually the world leader (would you believe?), and developed the first laser-powered television. 

The Mitsubishi Laservue, formally referred to as Model L65-A90, has wowed many tech news blogs and reviewers during its previews, with the New York Times even saying that "the colors appear to be shooting from it,"  all because of its amazing breadth and depth of color despite its crazy retail price of $6,999.  However, let us give credit where it is due.

Laservue is not only an amazing high-definition television with a 65-inch screen, it also delivers twice the color of many of today’s HDTV all while using only one-third the power consumed by LCD TVs and one-fourth of that of plasma TVs. 

The manufacturers have expressed that living in today’s green-conscious environment, the consumers can enjoy a color-brilliant, ground breaking home entertainment product all while being mindful of energy consumption at the same time.

The HDTV works by having laser beams project an extensive range of rich, complex colors, along with truly distinct clarity and immersive depth of field.  Laservue has demonstrated a reproduction of color gamut in excess of 200 percent of BT.709, delivering twice the color of many of today’s HDTVs.  Meanwhile, brightness has been demonstrated at approximately 500 nits. 

Other features include a smooth 120Hz, x.v. Color, 1080p with an ultra thin frame (at only 10 inches), as well as 3-D ready viewing capabilities.  It is designed for both floor stand and wall-mount applications and even features a full stereo range of sound capabilities with integrated speakers. 

Now, Mitsubishi can proudly say that Laservue can be equated with the industry’s best performing high-definition television.  Mitsubishi Laservue is now available at select authorized Mitsubishi Diamond retailers.

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