Misty II Personal Robot

Robotic technology has made long strides in trying to create a robot that people can relate with. While we may be years or even decades away from having a truly humanoid robot with personality, emotions, and all, the technology is certainly showing that it may be possible in the future at least. For now, people may find robots like the new Misty II Personal Robot quite interesting in many ways.
The new Misty II Personal Robot is designed to try and further the advancement of robotic technology. It is actually a robotic platform where developers can build and create different systems and tools for educational, business, research, as well as personal use. Advanced features and available hardware make it an ideal start-up point to develop better and improved robots.
Misty II is powered by powerful Qualcomm processors along with a deep-learning AI that makes use of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine. It also comes with a wide array of sensors. For vision, it comes with Occipital Structure Core depth sensors for making sense of 3D maps. It also comes with a 4K camera for its visual input and output. It is also capable of facial recognition, thanks to its advanced visual hardware.
For sound, the Misty II comes with three far-field microphones and a pair of high-fidelity speakers with engineered bass port and sound box. To imitate the sense of touch, the robot is equipped with six capacitive touch sensors on the head and the chin. The Misty II also comes with IR-based time-of-flight sensors and 10 bump sensors. For movement, the robot makes use of a sturdy track-driving tread system with customizable moving arms as well as a patent-pending three-degree freedom neck.
There are other features of the Misty II that will help aid developers into creating programs and systems to make the robot perform other functions. The package also comes with development tools that will aid the developers into exploring the many other possibilities and potentials for the Misty II robot and others in the near future. The Misty II is now available at Misty Robotics for $2,899.
Image Source: Misty Robotics

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