MiPow PowerTube 2200

The more portable devices you have, the more power you also seem to need. At the very least, you would need some back up power which might come in handy when your mobile phone, mp3 player or digital camera end up drained of power and you have no time or means to recharge it. It is during these times that you would truly appreciate having some backup power like what the MiPow PowerTube 2200 offers.

The MiPow PowerTube 2200 offers some much needed back up power that you can use to recharge your portable devices while on the move. You only need to bring along this MiPow PowerTube 2200 in order to provide power to recharge a number of portable devices. The PowerTube comes with different tips that can be used to connect to popular devices like the iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Samsung, LG and other devices.

Its lithium ion batteries provide an output voltage of 5 volts at a current of 500 mA. The attractive round metallic design makes it a cool enough gadget to carry along. The MiPow PowerTube 2200 is now available at Amazon for 35 UK Pounds or around US$56.

Image Source: MiPow

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