Mintpass The Cube Audio Player

Mintpass Mint Cube

Many gadget lovers always love looking at unique gadgets and devices. That is why design usually becomes a big aspect when it comes to releasing successful new gadgets. Form and function becomes quite a combination that will surely catch any person’s attention instantly.

No matter what type of gadget it may be, great design becomes the primary focus for most people. Even a common and simple gadget like a portable audio player can make heads turn when its design has that attractive factor. Such may be said for the new Mintpass concept audio player, The Cube.

The Cube by Mintpass may look simple enough but has that attractive features that would make people look at it more closely. Designed as a cube, it features certain analog elements it in its design by way of having that classic analog meter displays for volume, battery charge, and radio frequency on the sides. On top, The Cube sports the usual push button controls typical of audio players for easy use. It also features a 3.5mm audio out as well as Bluetooth connectivity. It is not yet available to the public but it is something worth looking into any time it does launch.

Image Source: Mintpass

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