MinipressoSome people just cannot get enough of that coffee buzz. Nothing can come close as the buzz that a cup of espresso can give. Yet people may need to get one at a coffee shop nearby for their coffee fix. But that can be quite inconvenient for some people. This Minipresso may be a good and handy device to have for that coffee buzz at anytime.

The Minipresso allows users to create their own cup of espresso whenever they want. It is a hand-powered portable espresso maker. It is small enough to fit into your pocket and also features a built-in cup for convenience. It requires a few pumps to provide enough pressure to extract all those flavors and smells from coffee beans to create a cup of espresso. About 13 pumps will give you a shot while 28 pumps will give you a good workout and a double espresso for good measure. The Minipresso is a good device to have for espresso lovers who are always on the go. It is available at Firebox for around 50 UK Pounds or around $78.

Image Source: Firebox

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