Miniguru Keyboard Helps You Type Efficiently

Miniguru keyboard

Hamburg-based Absolute Software announces its Miniguru keyboard, which aims to help users to type more comfortably and more efficiently by having the hands concentrated on the "home row."

At a home row position, this means the index fingers are resting on the F and J keys (so that why those two keys tend to have markings on them).  However, on a normal keyboard, the right hand often strays away from the home row as it uses the cursor keys, the number pad, and the mouse as well.

With the Miniguru, all the important editing keys are right there on the home row such as integrated cursor controls and a pointing stick, thereby eliminating the space-consuming keys on the right side of the keyboard that are-more often than not-rarely used.  If you are not comfortable with the layout, the manufacturer assures users they can change the settings and save them permanently in the keyboard’s firmware.  Users can also customize their Miniguru’s body, keycap and stick colors, switch type (how the keys would sound upon hitting), physical layout, and keycap languages.

And because it is three-fourths the size of traditional keyboards, users can now carry the Miniguru virtually everywhere and can even be used as a substitute keyboard for your notebooks.  Besides, who likes to type on keys that are smaller than their fingertips?

The Miniguru is set to be available in Fall 2010.  No word yet on the cost.

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