Miniguru Keyboard Got Canceled; Sadness All Over

We thought its release would be moved by a few months, but we were wrong. Guru’board has come clean to announce what many have feared: The Miniguru keyboard project has been canceled. The customizable keyboard was meant to keep your fingers on the home row at all times, with a modifier key turning the JKLI keys into arrows and the caps lock into control. This would have made the keyboard smaller, containing three different types of mechanical key switches.

The true reason of the cancellation is not clear, although Guru’board simply said they have “lost faith in being able to sell the initial production run.”

We just wish someone else would pick this up because, in all honestly, the only time we used the number pad (which we think is a waste of space where the mouse should have been placed, end of rant) was when we used to play Audition Online, and that was years ago.

Source: Guru’board, via Engadget

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