Miniature Oven Stovetop PC Casemod

Miniature Oven Stovetop PC Casemod

A Czech has been busy creating a really cool looking casemod. The mod resembles a minicooker complete gas burners on top and a bottom drawer on the front.

It even has tiny blue flame details – blue LEDS – on the "gas burners" on top that closely resemble a stove turned on low heat.

The bottom drawer opens up in a DVD drive. Inside your minicooker is a Pentium D820 3.5 GHz CPU, with 2GB of DDR2 RAM, and an nVidia 9600GT graphics card.

Seriously, if it weren’t for the lack of a delicious cooking smell, or that distinct whiff of burning food, you might mistake it the real thing. Check out this 6-minute video on how to make one.

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