Mini Vortex Lamp

Those lava lamps still seem to be popular. Such lamps seem to have that certain allure and dynamic appeal that people tend to be fixated to, entranced even to buy one. And because of such, there might be another lamp that some people may find a certain fixation to. And with that, here’s the new Mini Vortex Lamp.

The Mini Vortex Lamp may have taken on an idea or two from the popular lava lamp in terms of its dynamic features. While the lava lamp contains colored goo inside that seems to perennially move around in distinct shapes when lighted up, the Mini Vortex Lamp creates a tiny version of a raging tornado or water vortex when it is lighted up, along with the light randomly changing into red, blue or green. This makes it a perfect lap to bring at a party or just simply light up a room and a fixture to look into as one tries to go to sleep. The Mini-Vortex Lamp is available at IWOOT for 20 UK Pounds or around US$32.

Image Source: IWOOT

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