Mini to Introduce Gadget-Decked Rocketman Concept

With the Geneva Motor Show just around the corner, several car manufacturers are giving previews of their models to the press. This time, it’s Mini‘s turn to show off with its latest gadget-filled concept car intended for urban mobility.

The Rocketman, according to BMW‘s little cousin, provides a fresh angle on the use of space, adding fun and functionality without the additional size.

The concept car measures 11-feet long and is described as “a 3+1 seater.” It features a carbon spaceframe construction, providing maximum interior space and light weight, and gas mileage average of 94 miles per gallon.

Other specs include double-hinge joints on doors for wider opening; a two-part tailgate that also functions as a drawer; and a central control unit that can be taken out of the car and configured on a computer to update navigation destinations, music playlist, and contact details.

The Mini concept retains its traditional look while giving it an avant-garde twist. The front end is dominated with large, circular headlights and a radiator grille with chrome surround. It has large wheels, a three-level structural split of the body, and a “wraparound” greenhouse and roof on top.

Mini does not announce whether this concept will see the light of production. We sure hope so.

Source: USA Today

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