Mini Numeric USB Keyboard Keypad

Mini Numeric USB Keyboard Keypad

For the businessman who is always on the go, this little electronic device will help him get the job done even while traveling. The mini number keyboard makes it more comfortable to work on laptops. The numeric keyboard features full-size keys that allow you to dial numbers in a synch and fill in values for documents more easily. The USB keypad improves typing efficiency while enhancing productivity with its 19 keys, which includes the backspace and ‘000’ keys.

The device works with a USB connector and also has a built-in, 2-port USB hub. Just plug it into your laptop’s USB port and it conveniently provides you a USB port and a keyboard all in one electronic device. The numeric keyboard has plug and play capabilities and also works with all Windows operating systems.

Its slim and minimal design allows for great portability. There is also a wireless number keypad available in the market for mobile use. Another option is the silicon number keyboard which provides a more comfortable feel with its soft, silicon gel keys. This stylish and ultra thin design is waterproof, dustproof and is also washable.

The mini numeric keyboard also proves to be most practical for right-handed mouse users. As conventional keyboards have the number pad on the right side, this usually gives more effort in reaching for the mouse. With the mini keyboard placed on the left side, the user can move the mouse closer to him for easier operation. This also reduces the risks of WRULDs, short for work related upper limb disorders.

The mini number keyboard is the perfect companion for your laptop. You can bring it anywhere, in the office, at school or at any work environment. It provides the perfect solution whenever you need to input numbers speedily with your laptop, as it allows you to work with a regular number keyboard.

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