Mini Kin Green Power Generator

Mini Kin green Power Generator

Carrying high-end gadgets is not that cool anymore, because sooner or later another technology of that sort would butt in. But if you go for a new technology that has a kick, like an environment-oriented gizmo of some sort, then you’re in.

I think this is why this wind-powered battery charger is such a hit. I mean, for one, it’s very useful for us busy people who lug around with like six chargers or for cellphones, cameras, laptops, and the likes. Second, it’s very convenient to use because can easily strap it on pretty much anywhere: your arm, your bicycle, even on your car or your boat.

This Mini Kin Green Power Generator works when the wind turns the propeller, which in turn powers the turbine and creates enough energy to gear up your gizmos again. You can use it with your MP3 Players, iPods, PDA’s, Blackberry’s, and practically anything with a mini USB input.

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