Mind Games Android Game App

There are people who like fun games and there are also others who look for more challenging options. Some love puzzle games that engage them in a mental workout now and then. The Mind Games Android Game App will surely appeal to people who are looking for a game to challenge their brain with a wide range of challenging puzzles.

The Mind Games Android game app comes with a collection of 17 types of puzzles that have a total of 180 levels in varying degrees of difficulty. The puzzles are designed to give players a way to work out their mental skills in order to solve the puzzles. Puzzles may range from chess puzzles, reverse, 7th guest, 11th hour and more. It even comes with a warning that it is for smart people only. If you can’t get past the start screen then this game may not be for you. It only gets harder from there. But if you think that you are smart enough, then you can download the Mind Games Android game app at Google Play for free.

Image Source: Google Play

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